DIY Cut Out Boots

I really love the cut out boots that are in basically every store. They keep the general integrity of the shoe; sole, buckles, shape,  etc…yet cut out all the excess.

I decided to create some of my own using some cheap boots that I never wear anyway!

I always felt kind of “eh” about these boots. The hem up the middle was really bizarre looking. I think I wore them once and they were just taking up space…


 I cut them down each side, pinched and folded the front for a better fit, stitched the lining back to the outside, and added some buckled straps that I had taken off a different pair of shoes (a couple of belts would work well too!).

image[5] image[6]

The next pair of old boots had signs of wear around the toes and I hadn’t worn them in a long time.

I took inspiration from this pair of Tibi  boots and got a little creative .
I sliced, stitched, and painted them, and they were good as new!

image[7] image

I really enjoyed this project and will probably tear up another pair of my trashed boots soon here!

**My suggestion for attempting something like this would be start with a pair you don’t care for and use chalk to figure out where to cut – I used Pinterest for ideas. Try them on throughout the process to make sure they fit correctly before making any permanent alterations. The lining will separate from the outer portion of the boot, so you will want to stitch or glue them back together.
The additional materials that I used were: sharp scissors, an exacto knife, needle and thread, E600, and straps/buckles.
 I researched what sort of paint to use, and given this specific material I used acrylic paint and acetone.


Fiction & Fables Logo

ImageI recently had the opportunity to create this logo for a musical duo called Fiction & Fables!

They are super awesome, and I highly recommend you check them out…

You can find Fiction & Fables here, so head on over and give them a listen.
Your ears will thank you :)